Disneyland HK

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following Scrabble Tiles


A couple of months ago, with it being summer and boredom rearing its head, I was browsing around the internet looking for design stuff. I stumbled upon a tutorial for a scrabble tile text effect. I looked cute so I decided to give it a try, and voilà!


I followed everything to the T except for the text and the font style which I cannot recall anymore.

*I used Adobe Photoshop CS5.

for Freewheeling…

In relation to my previous post, I am also uploading the old header of my personal blog, Freewheeling… and the current favicon that I made around the same time, hence the same font color.

The favicon, as seen in my blog:


The old blog header:


I did not take the photo of the flowers in the header image. It was taken by Anne Uy, a talented local photographer, during my post debut photo shoot which I blogged about here.

*I used Photoshop CS5.


In Hong Kong

PP: Adobe Lightroom 4


see blog post here: Butterflies.

PP: Adobe Lightroom 4